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Perhaps you believe I developed this Podcast just because I am interested in Pets and dogs breeding. Well, it's completely true! I adore how each dog tells a tale in its own right, and how each breeder is an artist in their own right (or scientist, or both). But, more significantly, I founded Pets Breeding Podcast because I like dog breeders.Dog breeders are some of the most meticulous, diligent, and giving people I've met. Unfortunately, most breeders burn out and collapse because their love for breeding and keeping healthy dogs is entirely distinct from the practical financial part of owning a kennel. To make matters worse, there is no authoritative resource to assist breeders in resolving commercial issues. Until now...Enter Pets Breeding Podcast or, your one-stop shop for inspiring articles and videos.Discover content and Podcast information to assist you in growing and improving your breeding company.